HealthSherpa for Agencies

Track & optimize your agency's ACA business.

  • View downline agent accounts
  • Export downline activity
  • Enable your agents to write & track faster

Completely free

No monthly cost and no cost per app! We can offer our platform for free because some agents use our optional Referral program.

World-class support

Larger agencies will receive a dedicated account manager. And every agent & agency has access to our support team.

Full sync

Process applications, submit follow-ups, and report changes — without visiting

We've been the largest ACA enrollment platform since 2013

45,000 agents

4,800 agencies

10m lives

$71b in premiums

"Thanks to time saved with HealthSherpa, I doubled the clients I was able to enroll."
Jacquie Morrow, Broker

Track your agency

View downline activity

  • Export book of business data across all your downlines
  • View the portals of your downline agents or agencies
  • Portal access makes it easy to help your agents troubleshoot

Invite agents & agencies

  • They'll receive a join code, which grants them access to their portal
  • Works for agents with existing HealthSherpa accounts, too

Enable your agents

Super fast application

  • Our redesigned application is faster than ever.
  • No need to log clients into
  • Pre-filled renewal apps.
  • All synced to

Track clients & leads

  • All your ACA clients and leads in one organized place.
  • See what stage clients and leads are at in the process.
  • Easily pull existing applications from the Marketplace.

Your own client-facing enrollment site

  • Offer clients a link to self-enroll through your branded site, and track their progress.
  • Every enrollment will have your NPN applied.

World class support

Our support team is available by phone, email, or chat every weekday.
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