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Refer ACA Clients to HealthSherpa for cash

  • Share your custom self-enroll link with clients
  • Or share your custom HealthSherpa phone number
  • For every conversion, you get $50–$200
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Share your link

Every Referrals Account includes a custom URL. This directs to a landing page connected to our quoting and enrollment platform.

Or share your phone number

Every Referrals Account also includes a custom phone number. This directs to our team of license agents who can help your client enroll.

Get paid for conversions

When an application is submitted via your link or phone number, you'll get paid $50–$200.

We've been the largest ACA enrollment platform since 2013

45,000 agents

4,800 agencies

10m lives

$71b in premiums

If you're FFM certified, create a regular Agent account, where you can write your own applications, and refer applications for $50 during SEP and $100–200 during OEP.


How does it work?

When a client submits an application via your custom URL or phone number (which points to our phone team), we become the Agent of Record and handle all post-submission servicing — and you get paid!

What is the payment?

We typically pay $50 per application during SEP (Jan–Oct) and $200 during OEP (Nov–Dec).

What does my custom URL point to?

This points to the HealthSherpa self-enrollment site, but with your logo & branding applied. It's a landing page, then a plan list, then an application. Here's an example.

Will HealthSherpa sell other products to my client?

No. HealthSherpa focuses only on the ACA. Many of our agents focus on selling other products, but turn to this Referrals Account when a client needs an ACA plan.

Can I use this for my agency?

Yes — every account can convert to an agency account, where you can invite agents to join and track their activity.

Do I need to be FFM certified?

No — because your client will either self-enroll, or call our certified agents. You only need to be licensed in the state where your client is applying from. If you are FFM certified, use our regular agent account type.
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